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Time Management

I remember buying an audio course on time management and then being too busy to listen to it!! What is wrong with that picture? If we do not decide what to do with our days it will be decided for us. The days will fly by the years become a blur if we do not take control of the time God gives us.

Here is an exercise for learning time management: For one week write down everything you do every day. At the end of the week evaluate what you find.

Did you have time to spend with the Lord?

Were you rushed from one thing to another?

Did you have control over your time or were others controlling you?

Could you have stopped to smell the roses if you wanted to?

What could you take out, delegate, redirect and just plain delete from your life to free up your time?

Now try this: Take your written record from the exercise and highlight only the absolute essentials that you want in your life - time with God, family, work, sleep - essentials. On a new weekly calendar schedule those essentials in.

Now, of the items left, which bring you energy, joy, peace or at least don't drain them?

If you didn't bring them over to the new calendar would it really be a great loss and make your life less fulfilling or if you did bring them over would it make your life richer?

You can decide to write your own calendar rather than have it written for you. You can decide whether to live a life with space to breathe and time to enjoy each breath or whether you will live with stress, adrenaline and a feeling of always being behind.

Need More Help?

How about a 12 page guide to get you organized? It's absolutely free and my gift to you. Click here to download the pdf document that will guide you through time management in more detail.

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