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The Christian Single Woman


If you are a single Christian woman then you might be looked on as having missed the mark. Maybe it is wondered just what is wrong with you that you can't seem to find a husband. It is hoped that you will marry and have children so that you will be "okay."

The apostle Paul said that if possible we should stay single because we are less distracted then from serving God. If that is your calling then you are chosen of God to live a more focused life for Him. You ARE okay. And marriage will not make you more so. Serve your Lord and love Him with all that you are.

If your desire is to marry then wait on the Lord. Allow Him to be the love of your life and deepen your relationship with Him. Make this and not finding a husband the priority of your life. He knows the desires of your heart and He is good. He will take care of you and has a plan for your life.

If you want to marry then waiting can be hard. Use this time to find those areas in yourself that need healing, freedom and growth. Work on you and your life with the Lord fully. Find your rest in Him. Learn to trust Him and wait upon His provision.

Don't be pressured by the culture around you. God is bigger than the culture and knows what is best for you and when. Trust Him.

Biblical Study on Christian Women

You might want to read a study on Christian women in the New Testament and the various roles a Christian woman played.

What has not changed since our Lord walked the earth is His love for women no matter their role and His call to them to be godly, God-glorifying women of God.

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