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A Simple Life is about Relationships First

Jesus put relationships first. He performed His first miracle at a party in order to care for the bride and groom. We see Him dining and hanging out with people and caring for their hearts. He was always about the people and helping them to have a relationship with God.

He lived fully, traveling and spending time with those He met, and He needed almost nothing materially to do this. Owning many possessions would have hampered Him and His ability to move freedly.

It is our relationships that really matter. It is stuff and acquiring stuff and living to get stuff that steals our days.

At the end of our lives we won't look back and wish we had more stuff, we will look back and remember the people in our lives and wish we'd had more time with them and wished we'd lived with them better.

For Christ to do what His Father asked Him to do, He had to not own a home, and have no real possession but the clothes on His back because possessions would only slow Him down. He lived a simple, but powerful, life here on earth.

Think through the relationships in your life, do you place them first? If not, what is the reason? How can you reformat your life so that the people God has placed in your life come first?

Putting relationships first is part of learning to live simply. Click here to go back to the simple living page.

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