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Personal Life

“Walk worthy of your calling” God tells us.  In order to truly do this we have to look at our personal lives and examine them closely.  Here we can see where growth and change are necessary.  

Ask yourself questions that will help with this:

Where do you need to grow?

What do you need to change?

To add?

To remove?

What is hindering your growth?

Where do you need to heal?

Is anxiety present in your life?

Do you know your role as a Christian woman?

How are your communication skills?

What do you feel about conflict and do you need help doing it well?

Do you have good boundaries or do people walk all over you?

As we examine our personal lives we shouldn’t become discouraged but encouraged that we have discovered areas where we can grow into our new creation selves.  As we grow in Christ our relationship with Him deepens, our capacity to love others expands and the joy of the Lord becomes our deeper reality.

Where do you start?

Start where you feel pressure or passion.  Look to what is bothering or intriguing you and consider that a starting place.  The point is to be proactive and determined to grow as a person of God.

To the left are a few articles to get you thinking and motivated.  Allow the Lord to show you areas where He wants to focus with you.  He is more committed to you personal growth than you are and has a definite plan to help you with it.

We all have a lot of room for personal growth so you are not behind.  We are all in this together and as you grow and as I grow we grow up into Christ.  And that makes the body of Christ healthy, whole and able to impact this world.

Personal Growth

Your Uniqueness

Making Your Rules

Get Educated


God’s Cure for Anxiety

- Anxiety Prayer

Christian Woman Roles

- Stay-at-home Mom

- Woman Leader

- Working Mom

- Single Woman

- Divorced Woman

- Single Mom

- Older Woman  


Conflict Skills


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