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Can you really be healed in a weekend?


Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Consultation with me.

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Counseling Intensive

Can you really be healed in a weekend?  Absolutely!

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Consultation with me.

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Counseling Intensive

Be Healed and Restored in a Single Weekend  

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Counseling Intensive

Personal Growth - Show Up As You.

Have you put off your own personal growth while "doing" life? Do you feel as if you are living a life that is not really or fully you? Want more than that?

This is the self-help place to start working on being all God designed and called you to be. He designed you before He created the universe, He has a plan and a purpose for your life - why not live it?

The more you let go of what you thought you should be or what others have wanted you to be and focus instead on becoming what God planned for you to be, then the more you will feel at home in your life. We honor God the most when we live His design for our lives and focusing on becoming that design is a major part of honoring Him.

What is Unique About You?

These are things that make you you. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Just be before Christ and together think about who you are.

Click here to find out more about how God has wired you.

What Do You Value?

Another way in which you are unique is in what you value - what is important to you. When you discover your values you can then make all your life decisions from that core.

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Make your own rules

You can make your own rules for living that will ensure that you actually become the person you believe you can.

Click here to find out how to make your own rules

Life Skills

Personal growth includes learning skills for living wisely and well.

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For certain, you need an education in Scripture because first and foremost you are a child of God. What else do you need to know to truly live out who you are?

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The Right Job for You

When we work in an area where we are gifted and we love it, then work stops being work and becomes more about living out who we are.

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Try a Life Coach

Personal growth is what a life coach is all about - your personal growth that is. A life coach is there to help you discover who you are and what to do about it. It is about putting words to your dreams and then setting goals to make them reality.

A life coach will really be a great help in focusing your efforts of personal growth and claiming your unique gifts, passions and dreams.

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