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Can you really be healed in a weekend?


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Can you really be healed in a weekend?  Absolutely!

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Consultation with me.

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The many roles of the Christian woman

The Christian woman is young and old, single and married, raising a family with a spouse and as a single parent, caring for children and caring for aging parents, working at home and working in the marketplace. We have many roles and many stages in our lives.

Balancing all of them are difficult but can be learned. It starts with accepting who we are and the current roles we play.

A Christian woman is a daughter of the King. Whatever her life circumstance, whatever role or roles she is living, the most basic premise of her life is that she is loved, cherished, prized and cared for by the Lord.

All women need to find themselves first in Christ.

Until you feel whole and accepted and secure in Christ you will be susceptible to the whims, opinions and desires of others for your life. The role you fill today is to be the place where you serve God, AND, you can find your joy and purpose with Him in that role.

Stay at home mom

Staying at home with the kids is awesome, exhausting, funny, infuriating and that is all before lunch. It is a hard job to be with kids all day as those of you who do it know. But many women who have filled those shoes have raised up godly men and women who have gone on to impact the world in significant ways.

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If the Lord has called you to leadership, in whatever position or capacity, then your only answer is "yes." Be only what the Lord requires of you and let those who oppose this take it up with Him.

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Working Mom

Whether you have to work due to financial constraints or you want to serve the Lord in the marketplace due it with integrity, honor and love. You can be a light in the darkness in your workplace. Go to work with God each day and work for Him rather than others. Please Him with your efforts.

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Single Woman

Allow Him to be the love of your life and deepen your relationship with Him. He knows the desires of your heart and He is good. He will take care of you and has a plan for your life. Find your rest in Him.

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Divorced Woman

You need to heal. You need to grieve. You need to learn to undo the way you related that led to the divorce (your part) and become healthy in every way. You need to see your significance and start anew.

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Single Mom

Life may be difficult but the Lord loves you to your very core and has a plan for your life to prosper you and give you hope. Grab hold of Him and His promises for you.

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Older Woman

Many of you have walked with the Lord a long time. You have seen His faithfulness and His answer to prayers.

You are needed, please engage and don't let anyone push you aside.

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Share yourself with other women

We need one another regardless of our particular roles.  As we live for Christ, wherever that may be, we glorify Him, support one another and show the world what it is supposed to look like to be a woman of God.

Support one another.  Encourage one another.  Love one another.

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