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Can you really be healed in a weekend?  Absolutely!

Schedule your FREE Breakthrough Consultation with me.

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Counseling Intensive

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Christian Living is a Partnership


In Christian living, all of life is about learning to live as Christ would if He were walking in our shoes. Balance, work, relationships, finances, living our purpose, future goals, all of it is about Christ when we say that we are following Him.

This entire site is about learning to have Christ as the center of every aspect of our lives. When He is at the center, then everything we think, say, do, dream and change is because of Him.

He is the only one that can bring our Christian living to life.

He is the only one that can make our lives as Christians work and shine and be everything He has promised they can be.

Christian living is a partnership between you and the Lord. He says to "work out your salvation" and that is what you are doing as you intentionally focus on examining your life with Him.

You will do your part and He will do His. The result will be that you will grow in every area of your Christian life to look more like Him.

Throughout this site on spiritual and personal growth, we work on loving God more and there are ways, which I will show you through links and other pages, to start to do just that.

You will find that great Christian living is not a mysterious or difficult process that only the holy and few can live.

Living a powerful, deep and satisfying life

with Christ is available to you if you want it.

We start with our hearts which are the center of who we are. From it come good and bad, truth and lies, love and hate. Before coming to Christ, our old heart, or old way of being, was centered on ourselves. It didn't know how to love God or follow Him or know the deep contentedness and joy of life lived intimately with Him. So, He gave us a new heart that is able to know Him, love Him, live with and for Him.

We need, now, to learn to live from this new heart and its ways rather than our old one. We are talking about spiritual formation. We are transforming ourselves deliberately from the way we were and how we did things to who we will be in Christ. Personal growth and spiritual growth take direction, a bit of planning, and practice and I'll show you how.

You could start on the "Spiritual Formation" page. You will see a simple chart that shows 4 parts to who we are, emotions, heart, mind and body, and each has a goal. You could pick one area and focus on the goal for growth in that area.

Emotions - to be rooted and grounded in love.

Heart - to be undivided

Body - a living and holy sacrifice

Mind - to be nothing less than for God

Search the pages here and find the starting place that best fits Christian living for you. We are all different and how we learn and grow is different as well. I suggest you try everything related to spiritual growth and really go for what brings you more into His presence and allows you to know Him best.

Want specific ways for your Christian life to go deeper with God? Try these spiritual disciplines:

Practicing the Presence of God

Silence and Solitude

Christian Meditation


Lectio Divina



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